Lindsay Fairchild

I'm Lindsay. Wife to James, and Mom to my sweet little ones Lyla and James. I'm a lover of great coffee and good wine. I crave vegetables but love a good pizza too. When I need to relax I rely on yoga and sunshine, or a good snuggle with my babies. I find magic in all of the seasons. The air, the light, the mood, I love the changes. My family's foundation is based on love, kindness, and grace. They are my greatest teachers, and my whole heart. 

Prior to photography, I was a counselor for at risk children and families, I taught at a Montessori school, nannied, and taught spin classes. Years ago my boyfriend (now husband) gave me a camera right before we got engaged and told me he loved watching me capture our adventures together and wanted me to have something that I could document our whole lives with. I've been doing just that ever since.Once we had our first child, I passionately took photos of her and set up little photo shoots, and thats when I knew that one day I wanted to make this my thing.

I feel I am my truest self behind the camera, catching people in the most raw and beautiful moments. I strive to capture memories you can hold onto forever. I would be honored if you would allow me in. 


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